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Summer Heat Safety Awareness

Summer in RVA means sweltering temps, high humidity and dangerously oppressive heat. Guirkin wants you and yours to stay safe this summer! Here are some heat safety tips to help you avoid heat related injury. Get out there & enjoy summer, but remember- it’s important to take heat safety seriously. Extreme heat can very, very […]

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Whole House Air Conditioners

The lowered temperatures and reduced humidity afforded by central air conditioning make the hot, sticky Virginia summers bearable. For some people with health problems, A/C is essential to health, as heat stress can be deadly. Guirkin has over forty years’ experience installing, repairing, and maintaining whole house air conditioning systems of all types. We are […]

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What You Need to Know about Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces are an extremely popular choice for energy efficient heating in Virginia. A natural gas furnace converts gas to heat through combustion. The furnace transfers this heat to a heat exchanger, and when the temperature reaches a set point, a blower is activated that circulates the warmed air through your ductwork. Furnaces require proper […]

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Ductless Mini Split Systems

Mini Split systems are a flexible way to control comfort throughout your space.   Mounted on the all or ceiling of the room they are intended to heat and cool, Mini-split systems have two main components — an outdoor compressor/condenser and an indoor air-handling unit(s) (evaporator). They are easy to install- usually requiring only a […]

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Do You REALLY Need Regular HVAC Maintenance? YES!

You really, really do. Unless you like spending a lot of money you don’t need to. (Hey, maybe that’s your thing. We don’t judge.) But most people prefer not to spend extra when they don’t have to. Ironically, this is the number one reason they say they don’t have maintenance done on their heating & […]

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