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Heating and Air Conditioning Service

Guirkin Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Company has served Central Virginia's heating and air conditioning service needs since 1976.

We service & maintain all types of residential heating and cooling equipment, including: heat pumps, furnaces, boilers, baseboard heat, mini splits, and air conditioners from all manufacturers.

We also offer warranty service on all systems, even ones we didn't install.

Heating and air conditioning service van

Our technicians are highly trained and use the latest diagnostic technologies. We quickly and efficiently diagnose your system's problem, including gas and carbon monoxide leaks. Based on the age and overall condition of your unit, we will discuss options for the best repair to suit your budget and usage needs.

Just as no heating and air conditioning system is the same, we understand that your needs are unique. We build lasting relationships with our clients and our employees- so the same mechanic who works on your unit today, will likely be the one who services it's future needs, as well. We believe this continuity provides a better experience for you, the homeowner.

Spring and Fall maintenance of your home's heating and cooling systems is essential for it's efficiency and performance.


Like cars, heating and cooling systems have many electrical connections, moving parts, motors, fans, belts and chemicals. And just as you perform regular maintenance on your vehicle, your heating and cooling equipment requires the same attention. Maintenance is essential for proper operation and longer life. In fact, it can cut your operating expenses by 20-30%. Maintenance ensures greater comfort and better indoor air quality. Properly maintained units also last up to twice as long!

Guirkin offers service for equipment from all manufacturers. We also provide warranty repairs on all systems, even ones we didn't install.

Call for service & maintenance on all types of residential heating and cooling equipment, including:

Gas Furnaces

Straight AC

Heat Pumps

Mini Splits


Remember... If it's not workin’- call Guirkin!